How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Orlando FL

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How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Orlando FL

Orlando is where everything happens in Florida. It’s the state largest tourist area, one of the fastest-growing cities, and is home to amazing food, and the biggest attractions, Disney World and Universal. These things make Orlando, FL a great place to live. But, there is one major thing that is not awesome, mildew and algae! Orlando has relatively high humidity, which creates a perfect breeding ground for unsightly green stuff to grow on your home, business, concrete, and even roof. Take a look at How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Orlando FL to learn some insight before you decide to hire.

Power washing services in Orlando can be labor-intensive and if not completed correctly can create serious damages. If you have read to this point, you are most likely looking for a professional power washing company in Orlando, FL, and you may have some questions, which we’re more than happy to answer for you:

  • How much will it truly cost for power washing in Orlando FL?
  • What factors influence the cost of Orlando power washing?
  • What factors determine why certain power washing companies are higher priced than others in Orlando, FL?

How much does it truly cost for power washing in Orlando FL?

Occasional power washing can be performed on several items:

  • Residential Homes
  • Concrete
  • Roofs
  • Decking

Typically, you can anticipate to spend anywhere from $200 up to several thousand dollars on your power washing and exterior cleaning in Orlando FL.

How much will house washing cost in Orlando FL?

Orlando House washing will normally start around $250 and can range up to $2850, depending on size, square footage, materials, and property access. Many typical vinyl siding Orlando homes will cost between $0.12-$0.35/square foot for a total of $250-$600. In addition, stucco and brick homes are the highest cost to pressure wash in Orlando. Most stucco and brick homes will cost $0.20-$0.60/square foot, for an average total of $350-$1200.

Factors That influence the cost of Orlando house washing

So, your central Florida home is starting to appear dirty. Whether you all of a sudden just noticed it, or it’s been on your to-do list for a while, you may wonder “how much will it cost to pressure wash my Orlando house?” This is the most common questions we get as a professional Orlando exterior cleaning company, and we understand why. When making any decision in life, often the first question anyone asks how much it costs. The average Orlando house washing will cost you somewhere between $280-$900.

Size of your Orlando Property

Because larger homes require more time and effort to clean, your home’s size will affect the cost of your home pressure washing project. The cost of pressure washing larger homes is also higher because more water and soap are required.

Central Florida Property Location

The location of your home can affect the cost to wash your house due to travel time or current market prices. If your home requires a long commute for a company, fuel costs will be higher and this would also increase labor costs. Depending on where you live, the current market price for a house wash could be higher or lower.

Type of Siding on your Orlando home.

The type of surface to be cleaned will also affect the cost of your pressure washing project. Hardie Plank siding and aluminum siding present additional challenges and are even easier to damage if a person does not know what they are doing. But they are much easier to clean then brick exterior home. In many instances, it

Amount of Work and Condition

If you have a lot of dirt and grime built up on your central Florida home’s surfaces, the cost of Orlando house washing will be higher, as it will take more time and effort to clean it properly. Also, if the surface being cleaned is in bad condition with a lot of chips and cracks, the cost of house washing in Orlando will be higher, as more repair work may be required.

Equipment Required and Difficulty

The type of equipment you use will also affect the cost of your Orlando house washing project. Because high-pressure washers use more water and soap, they will cost more to buy. In addition, if your property is tall and required the use of an articulating lift, it will typically cost more than single level properties. Most importantly, complex project requires more experienced personnel to complete them.

How much will Driveway Cleaning cost in Orlando FL?

Pressure washing your concrete is one of the best, most cost-efficient task you can do for your Orlando Florida home. Orlando concrete power washing increases safety and boosts your homes curb appeal! Lets take a look into the cost.

  • Residential driveway and patio pressure washing will cost an average of $0.18-$0.30/square foot.
  • Most standard 2-car driveways will cost between $150-350.
  • Small patio pressure washing will typically range from $75-$150.

Orlando Driveway Cleaning Cost Factors

Orlando driveway cleaning is pretty straightforward and normally carries much less risk than other types of power washing. The overall cost for Orlando driveway cleaning service depends on many variables, ranging from driveway, labor costs, condition and material type. Below are some of the most important variables when it comes to the cost of driveway cleaning services.

Orlando Driveway Size

The typical price to pressure wash a Orlando driveway runs from $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot. The larger the driveway, the more it will cost to have it cleaned. In addition, most central Florida pressure washing companies will have a set base price for specific sizes Orlando driveways and will charge by the additional for more square footage beyond that.

Driveway Material Type

The process of pressure washing a driveway depends on the surface material. Each type of driveway has its own cleaning process and considerations. The price ranges and cleaning details are covered in a section below.

Orlando Driveway Condition

Depending on the condition of the driveway, additional materials may be needed for the driveway cleaning in Orlando services to be completed properly.  Also, treating oil and other stains raises the cost based on the number and size of the stains in the driveway. If the driveway is in poor condition, Orlando pressure washing may further damage the surface that is why is always important to hire a professional pressure washing company in Orlando.

How much does roof cleaning cost in Orlando FL?

Typically, almost all Orlando homeowners will spend between $600-$1500 on roof power washing (softwashing) in the Orlando area. In addition, prices could be upwards of several thousand dollars for really large and extremely complex roofs.

  • Orlando Roof pressure washing typically costs $0.35-$0.60/square foot.

Factors That Affect the Orlando Roof Cleaning Cost (Soft Washing)

Orlando roof cleaning cost can significantly vary, depending on the variables involved. Whether the gutters need to be cleaned as well and the type of water pressure needed for a high reach machine, the size of the roof, the type of material it is made from, and the height of the building all contribute to the overall cost. In addition, the accessibility of the roof and the complexity of the job can also affect pricing.

Are The Gutters Getting Cleaned as Well?

Another factor that affects the cost of roof washing is whether the gutters cleaning needed as well. If the gutters are dirty and full of leaves, they will need to be cleaned before the roof can be washed. This will add time and expense to the job.

Size of the Orlando roof

The size of the Orlando roof also affects the cost of roof cleaning in Orlando. In addition, larger roofs will require more time and more water pressure, which will increase the overall cost of the job.

Type of Materials

The type of roofing materials its composed of also affects the roof cleaning cost. Orlando Roofs made from harder materials, such as concrete or slate, will be more difficult and time-consuming to clean than roofs made from softer materials, such as asphalt shingles.

Roof Height

The height of the building can also affect the cost dramatically. Also, buildings that are taller than two stories require special equipment and expertise to wash the roof, which will increase the cost of the job.

Accessibility of Roof

The accessibility of the roof can also affect the overall cost of the project. If the roof is difficult to access, it will be more difficult and time-consuming to clean, which will increase the overall cost of the job.

Difficulty of the Orland Roof Cleaning

The complexity of the project also has a huge effect on the overall project’s costs. In addition, more difficult jobs, like cleaning a roof that is difficult to access or with lots of nooks and crannies, will require more time and skill on the part of your professional cleaner. This will significantly increase the overall cost.

What factors determine why certain power washing companies are higher priced than others in Orlando?

Like any service business, pricing will vary between Orlando pressure washing contractors. Some businesses will ultimately have higher overhead costs due to staff, insurance, workman’s comp, marketing, professional websites, uniforms and effective modern equipment.

Power washing companies start every day in Orlando. Unfortunately, an industry with a low barrier of entry can bring in fly-by-night, untrained, and uninsured companies. It is important to vet the business you hire. Most importantly, reviews are all telling; contractors with great reviews may not be the cheapest but often have the correct training, insurance, and customer service to provide you with a great power washing experience. Contact NRC Pressure Washing Today for a FREE no-obligation quote, call 863-280-3012 or click here —-> Contact Us.