Fundamental Guide To Maintaining Orlando Pavers

Fundamental Guide To Maintaining Orlando Pavers

Pavers come in several different materials that can add some serious curb appeal to residential and commercial properties. They are both functional and decorative, for paving walkways, exterior steps, driveways and parking lots. They can also be utilized for retaining walls, lining sidewalks, landscaping, patios, outdoor living areas, pool deck, and driveways.

A common questioned asked from business and property owners is how to maintain them. Dirt buildup, standing water, and regular wear and tear can be tolling even for the best pavers available. With the correct preventative solutions, Orlando paver bricks can last for many years. Below is our Fundamental Guide To Maintaining Orlando Pavers, it will help you keep your pavers looking great for years to come.


These are the key measures that Orlando home and business owners can take to protect their investment and keep their paver surfaces looking good.

Yard Care

It may seem a little unrelated, but maintaining the surrounding landscaping helps maintain your pavers. For instance, raking leaves and sweeping off the paved surface before heavy rains helps prevent stains in the brick, concrete, or stone. In addition, weeding the lawn, garden, or mulched area around the paving stones can also help keep the surface smooth by not allowing root growth to shift them over time. Completing little bits of maintenance here and there will save lots of time and money in the long run.

Seasonal Cleaning For Maintaining Orlando Pavers

Typically, spring time is a great time to clean the paver surface thoroughly. After sweeping away dirt and grime that normally accumulates throughout the previous year, to many Orlando homeowners it is much simpler to contact NRC Pressure Washing. They offer a complete package to handle all of these tasks for you.

Stain Removal

For tackling tougher stains or spots on your pavers you can use a push broom or plastic brush to scrub the surface. Most importantly, never utilize a wire brush as it is way to abrasive and could possibly damage the paver material. Paver cleaning detergent is recommended for stubborn areas of discoloration and stains. Be sure to follow the product instructions for the application paver cleaning solution. If you are not having any luck getting the stain out, consider contact your local Orlando pressure washing company to take care of it for you.

Paver Brick Joint Maintenance

Once all the pavers have been properly cleaned, you can proceed to apply joint sand. Polymeric sand is utilized to fill in any cracks and fissures in the joints between the pavers. This special type of sand hardens when water is applied to prevent shifting. Overtime it helps maintain the paver’s surface by holding the paving stones in place, prevents weeds from growing through the cracks, and water filtration.

Power Washing For Maintaining Orlando Pavers

Power washing Orlando is a fast and efficient solution to clean Orlando paver bricks and restore them to their original condition. But, it may not be needed to pressure wash then yearly. Frequency typcially depends on the conditions affecting the surface. For instance, it is a good regular treatment for areas that are subject to lots of foot traffic, standing water, mold or moss growth, heavy amounts of leaf debris, dirt, and tree residue. In addition, residential and commercial paving brick power washing may only be needed once every 3 to 4 years. Refilling the joints with sand is essential and having them properly cleaned.

In Conclusion

Maintaining your pavers properly will help protect the money you spent on having them installed. NRC Pressure Washing specializes in clean and sealing pavers Orlando, if you need help maintaining your Orlando pavers, contact NRC Pressure Washing today for a free no-obligation quote! Call (863) 280-3012 or visit our website.